Asiyah binti Muzahim included one of a few women who are patient and immortalized his name in Allah in the Qur’an. She was the wife of one of the most powerful kings, the rich and powerful in human history, the Fir’aun. Siti Asiyah also a very loving mother of one of the great Prophet, the Prophet Musa. In the size of “worldly”, there is nothing to argue “glory”. But this earthly glory does not make her arrogant and to do beyond the limit, or make her afar from Allah ‘Azza wa Jalla. Asiyah was not dazzled by the luxury life of the world.

While taking a shower in the lake, Siti Asiyah suddenly saw a chest containing a baby boy. She took and brought the baby back to the palace. People on that palace were not happy with the presence of the baby. They thought that baby who later defeated their king.

The authorities then incited the Fir’aun in order to kill him. But Allah inspired to Asiyah to act fast. He asked Fir’aun to not follow their advice. It mentioned in the Qur’an:

“And the wife of Fir’aun said, “[He will be] a comfort of the eye for me and for you. Do not kill him; perhaps he may benefit us, or we may adopt him as a son.” And they perceived not. (QS. Al- Qashash: 9)

With the permission of Allah, Fir’aun’s heart melted, the tiny baby was save, named Musa. Eventually, the tiny baby raise as a  son of Fir’aun.

Baby boy were bringing up by siti Asiyah herself. She very loved his adopted son. The baby was treated like a son. The baby is none other than the prophet Musa received education directly from siti Asiyah.

Once a day, the baby was carried on by Fir’aun. The baby suddenly pulled out his beard. How angry Fir’aun at that time because he felt in pain. He ordered his guards to kill the baby.

However, before the intention was carried on, Asiyah appeared again to defend the baby. She told Fir’aun that the baby does not deserve to be killed because he does not understand. As the evidence, Asiyah asked Fir’aun’s bodyguards to provide buns and charcoal (fire). Then the baby in order to choose between them. In fact, the baby Musa chosed bread, but the angel promptly guided the hand of Musa to grab the charcoal. Seeing it, Fir’aun finally abled to accept his argument.

Musa grew into a smart young, dashing and handsome. Asiyah loved Musa very much. She was not willing that other people hurt him. Her defense was not limited to Musa when he was little, but she did it until she died.

One day, how agitated his heart when she heard that Musa had killed a man followers of Fir’aun. Asiyah told Musa to leave the capital to escape from the Fir’aun and his people.

Within the palace of Fir’aun, Asiyah was the only royal family that did not want to obey and comply with Fir’aun’s indictment. Whereas, the whole family became followers of Fir’aun’s palace because of the fear of being killed by fir’aun.

Fir’aun was a king whose despotic and cruel. He had so large and cruel army, so when he ordered his people to worship him, just few people who do not want to follow the order. There are the prophet Musa, Asiyah and the royal household servant named Masyitoh.

Allah also gave Asiyah a soft heart. Her soft hearted had shown when Fir’aun punished Masyitoh’s family who refused to follow his divinity. She was the only family of the palace who secreted tears in her eyes as she watched how the Masyitoh’s family jump into a cauldron full of boiling oil, because the family was faithful to what was brought by Musa. Without mercy, the Fir’aun’s executioners threw Masyithoh children one by one into the fire.

Asiyah hearts turned very sad  when the youngest child is still in the arms of the palace maid was also thrown into the cauldron.

At that moment, she also saw the truth when suddenly the baby is still in the sling that said, “O my mother, be patient. Actually you are in the truth.” the baby said to her mother when there was a feeling of fear  and compassion began to rule over Masyitoh’s heart.

When all the people flocking expressed recognition of the divinity of Fir’aun, Asiyah opposite. She blatantly refused Fir’aun as God. No matter how much her love and obedience to her husband, she can not receive the recognition. She still held fast to her belief that Allah is the one god that should be worship.

She prefers to be punished rather than should recognize divinity of Fir’aun meaning polytheistic to His eternal, Allah. Her attitude made Fir’aun angry. Asiyah constantly under pressured and asked to abandon her belief. But, the effort was in vain. Despite living under pressure and threats,she was not afraid to defend her belief. She still patient with her husband’s bad behavior. She was able to face the cruelty of her husband and surrender to Allah.

Asiyah still dependable in Musa’s teaching, despite her life as the wager. When Fir’aun went into her room after burning Masyithoh’s family, Fir’aun said, “I hope you have seen how that goes over to the women who is ungrateful to the great God, the Fir’aun.” Asiyah quickly interjected, ” You are unlucky, Fir’aun by the punishment of Allah!” no doubt, that her words had made Fir’aun was furious.

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